Thursday 10 March 2022

2022 Beatles Auction - Beatles Cigar Bands and Beatles Balloon

 There was a plethora of Beatles merchandise in the 1960s. It seems their faces or names appeared on nearly everything! The good thing about this is that often you can find smaller items at reasonable prices when you are starting your collection. 

This collection of four cigar bands are Jamaican (featuring the word "Jamayca" on the labels)  and has a picture of a different beatles on each one. 

Set of 4 Cigar Labels. Estimate £20-£30

I'm not sure I'd want to inflate this Beatles balloon for fear of it bursting, but it's a cool novelty item with great packaging!

Beatles Balloon. Estimate £40-£50

Both of these items will be going under the hammer in our 2022 Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction in August.