Wednesday 29 February 2012

A Letter From Freda

Back in the sixties when you wrote to a fan club more often than not you got a personal reply from an actual person rather than the modern day standard form letter.

If you wrote to the Beatles you may have received a reply from one of the fan club secretaries.

In this case the correspondent got a reply from the longest standing Fan Club secretary, Freda Kelly.


(address on the letter has been blurred for publication, it is clear on the actual item)

This letter will be sold at our auction in August and has an estimated value of £100-£130.

More Pictures

Please note that while we write about a lot of the items to be auctioned here, there are several more pictured in an album on the Beatles Shop facebook profile. You can view the album by clicking this link.

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Monday 27 February 2012

Promoting Help!

This cool little promotional postcard was issued in 1965 to advertise the arrival of the second Beatles movie, Help!, at the Odeon Cinema in Leeds.

Printed in back and white, it features all the details about the film showing on one side, and on the other side has a picture of the band in a scene from the film.


This item, originally expected to be thrown away after the event, is estimated to sell in our auction in August at around £60-£70



If you have anything that you would like valued, or considered for a place in our auction please see the FAQ section and get in touch.

Thursday 23 February 2012

Starting a Collection?

We try to have something to suit everyone’s pocket in our auction each year. The unusual and expensive items tend to get all the attention but there’s nearly always something nice for people who are looking for small and affordable items to kick start their original memorabilia collections, or maybe even start a collection for their children.

Here’s a framed up, ready to display Fan Club Patch. The patch dates from the 60s and was framed up later with a letter from Christies Auction House. The letters are all numbered and there are 2500 in the edition.


The estimate for this item is £15-£20.

Another very easily displayable yet very affordable lot is this original guitar shaped brooch from Invicta Plastics which features a picture of George Harrison. Also in the same lot is a large original Beatles button badge.


This lot of two items has an estimate of £15-£20. (please note the photos aren’t to scale.)

The Master Of Going Faster?

Here’s something a bit different for our auction in August.

George Harrison’s love of motor racing is well documented and he was often seen at Formula 1 Grand Prix races etc…

This is a programme for the British Empire Trophy held at Silverstone in 1996. It is signed by George and also by Brazilian racing driver Nelson Piquet.



This unusual signed item carries an estimate of £650-£700.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Casbah Club Card

The Casbah Club was, in fact still is, located at 8 Haymans Green in the West Derby area of Liverpool. It was opened by Pete Best’s mum Mona and the Quarrymen played on the opening day of the club in 1959.

The Beatles made their debut there in December 1960 and played their final Casbah date in June 1962.

This membership card is for the period covering November 1961 through to November 1962 which covers that historic final Beatles date.


(please note the photo has been amended to remove part of the address written in the card, it is complete on the actual card.)

The estimate on this item is £1000 - £1200



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