We are now taking items in for the 2022 Auction. Stay tuned for updates.

How To Buy From Our Auction

 At this point in time, we don't have all the details for this, we will update this page when we do. 

Currently, as it stands, once the auction is ready and everything is lotted up, numbered and the list is available you should be able to register with the online auction services and leave a proxy bid or bid live on the day. 

At the venue (if we have one) you will need to register to bid (we take your name, address, phone number, email if you have one and hotel name if you have travelled to the event). You'll get a paddle/bid number which you will need to give on being the successful bidder.  You will also be required to pay for your items either on the day or as soon as possible afterwards. You will not be allowed to take possession of the items till full payment is made. 

There is a buyer's premium of 20% (plus VAT on that percentage) of the hammer price. Online bidders will also incur fees from whichever platform they use to bid, please check these before bidding. 

There will be postage charges for items that are to be mailed out to winning bidders. 

We will update this page as and when we have more details, including how to make payments at the venue etc...