How To Place Items In The Auction

The first step to placing items with us is to get in touch with us so we can let you know if we are able to take them. We have limited lot space and we also don't tend to take multiples of most items.  Please check the Valuations and Contact Us pages for how to get in touch and let us see your items. 

Once accepted the item is only placed into the auction once we physically have it. We need to document and photograph the item for the online version of the sale and for potential publicity purposes so we do need it in advance.

You will be given/sent a receipt for your item(s) and everything is kept in a secure location off the shop premises.  Any reserve prices should be agreed upon with us before the sale. 

Once we do have the item we can also then begin any promotions via social media to encourage buyers. 

PLEASE - Do not send unsolicited items to us. 

Also note, that you cannot bring items to the auction on the day. Everything has to have been assessed and accepted in advance. 

Once we have the full amounts of lots, we do stop taking in items so the sooner you get in touch the more likely you are to get your items into the sale. 

We charge a commission of 25% (plus VAT on that percentage) of the hammer price on sold lots. If your item doesn't reach its reserve price it is returned to you after the event.