Wednesday 17 April 2013

Unpublished Photographs of The Beatles in the Cavern Club!

Last week we had a ticket that we'd never seen before and this week we are thrilled to have come across two rare, unpublished photographs of the Beatles in the Cavern Club.

The images show the boys in the Cavern in early 1962. Paul is in a black roll neck top, George and John are in shirts and sleeveless pullovers. The drummer isn't visible in the photographs but it is Pete Best's drum kit.

The vendor, who cannot recall how she obtained the photographs, later got them both signed on the reverse by the Beatles. This would have been after August 1962 because Ringo has signed. Paul McCartney has signed for John Lennon in both cases.
Finding previously unseen items is always exciting and proves that you never know what you have stored away somewhere.

The image of one of the photographs below is edited and marked in order to protect the value of the photograph.

The estimate for the photographs is yet to be confirmed. They will be sold as two separate lots.

Tuesday 16 April 2013

A few autographs.

Autographs are always very popular in the auction. Value very much depends on what the autographs are on and the condition.

This set features all four Beatles but two of the autographs are upside down. It carries an estimate of £1700-£1900

This set has a lovely dedication to Maureen. Three of the Beatles have signed on one piece of paper and Paul has signed and dedicated on another piece. The estimate on this set is £1600-£1800


Finally for this post, this is an incomplete set on autographs on a fan club card. It is signed by John, Ringo and Paul. The Paul signature is faded. The estimate on this item is £800-£1200

A Gift From Brian

This tag was attached to a wedding gift from the Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Someone has added the words "champagne glasses" presumably these were the gift.

The card is dedicated, with a personal message wishing the the couple all the best for their future and signed all in Brian's handwriting.

The estimate on this unusual signed item is £450-£475

A trio of George related items

George's mum Louise was always very good to fans that contacted her. This lot contains a photograph of George signed on the reverse by Mrs Harrison and a typed sheet with all kinds of information about George which Louise has signed with George's name. Estimate  £75-£125

Click images to enlarge.


Concert For Bangla Desh poster advertising the cinematic release of the concert. Estimate £125-£150


Klaus Voormann limited edition print entitled "Unforgettable George" signed by the artist in pencil.
Estimate £90-£120


All items are in our annual Liverpool Beatles auction in August. Click here for more details.

Monday 15 April 2013

With a Little Help From Ringo

This is an interesting item. This letter, on Apple notepaper, is from Peter Howard of Abkco to one of Ringo's relatives. It was to accompany the delivery of the deeds to a house which was bought with a loan from Ringo. The final repayment had been made and the deeds were being officially handed over. It's quite nice to know that he helped out relatives and saved them having to take out expensive bank loans or mortgages.

Clicking the image should take you to a larger version.

The letter is being placed into our auction in August and carries an estimate of £20-£30. 

Wallpaper and wearable Beatles

Every fan probably wanted the Beatles on their wall. Most had pictures, some would have had wallpaper.

There is a complete roll of Beatles wallpaper for sale in the auction in August. It has an estimate of £80-£120

Below is a section of fabric featuring a brightly coloured Beatles design. The full piece measures 86cm x 196cm approx.

This is being placed in our auction too, it carries an estimate of £30-£50.

Beatles Character Mugs from Royal Doulton.

This is a full set of five Royal Doulton Beatles character mugs. (There was a second "colourway" version of John Lennon, with a different coloured jacket)

The character mugs are much sought after items and look fabulous of display.

This set is going into our annual Beatles auction in August with an estimate of £450-£550

A Piece Of The Cavern

When the new Cavern was being built in the early eighties some bricks from the original structure were dug out and sold off to raise money for a local charity.

They were limited to 5,000 pieces which has lead to them being very collectible.

Three decades one of these bricks is up for sale in our auction in August with an estimate of £200-£260.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Rare Lewis's Beatles Concert Ticket For Auction

On the evening of 28th November 1962 the Beatles played an evening session in the Cavern and then rounded the night off by playing the staff dance at Lewis's Department Store.

The dance was held on the 6th floor of the famous Lewis's building on Lime Street with the venue being renamed the "527" Club for the night.

As well as a session by the Beatles, music was provided by the Dee Valley Jazz Band and Pam.

It seems that tickets for this event were either collected or torn in two on entry, so finding a complete ticket for this local Liverpool show is extremely rare. In fact the first we have ever seen is up for sale in our auction in August this year.

The ticket is already generating a buzz among experts, even the author Mark Lewisohn hadn't seen a complete ticket before now,and several notable Beatles ticket collectors are very interested in this item. Plus we are very excited to have something that so many people haven't seen before in our sale.

The current estimate on this ticket is £2500 - £3000

The annual Liverpool Beatles Auction organised by The Beatles Shop on Mathew Street will be held at the Paul McCartney Auditorium at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts  on Saturday 24th August 2013. For any questions about items in the auction or values of Beatles items you may have  please see our contact page.