Sunday 18 October 2009

Tickets, programmes and concert paraphernalia...

One of the first lots we have received for the 2010 Auction is this example of an unused ticket from early 1965

Tickets are something that tended to be thrown away or lost so they have some value. And unused ones are quite rare, as most people went to the shows and therefore had their ticket stubs torn off.

This ticket currently carries an estimate of £250 to £300.

In last year's auction this Pop Prom ticket stub reached £160 and a programme for the same show reached £420

And a ticket for a recording of The Beatles on Juke Box Jury which was recorded at The Liverpool Empire Theatre in 1963 reached £360.

Values depend on the concert and condition of the items. Some concert programmes crop up regularly and therefore don't command the same kind of price as rarer ones.

Handbills and posters were also items that were often thrown away and therefore originals of these can be highly sought after by collectors.

Of course not all Beatles concerts had tickets. When they played in various clubs the "ticket" to get in was your club membership card. So Cavern Club cards dating from the times they played there are considered the equivalent of a ticket. Later membership cards don't have quite the same value as the band stopped playing the club as their fame escalated.

Membership cards for other Liverpool clubs are sought after for the same reason as Cavern Club Cards. In last year's auction a very rare membership card for The Casbah Club valid at a time when the Beatles would have appeared at the club reached an whopping £1,950.


If you have any items of interest for the auction please contact us. Click the link on the right for details of how to get in touch.

Press enquiries should be made through the same contact link.
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Sunday 11 October 2009

Back in '64

1964 saw the world explode with Beatlemania and Beatle memorabilia. Some of that memorabilia is popular among fans and collectors.

Some of the items we regularly see are from the Washington Pottery range. Depending on what the item is and its condition the prices for these range between about £30-£60.

Bowl (note - this picture is in black and white)


Biscuit plate - note this originally came with a black cup not the cup shown above.

Candy Dishes

Other novelty items from this time include bubble baths, jigsaws, a Flip Your Wig board game, stockings and much more.

Here's a couple more examples.

Talc tin by Margo of Mayfair £120-£140 approx. (black and white photo)

Ladies compact £120-£125 approx.

If you have items you would like us to consider placing in next year's auction, or you are just curious about the value of a Beatles item you have please take a look at our previous blog entry here.


Thursday 8 October 2009

Some prices from the 2009 Auction.

Here is the list of prices that items we featured in this blog went for in the auction this year. If an item isn't listed it either didn't reach it's reserve or we are unable to to give out the information for various reasons.

13 - Peter Blake signed exhibition leaflet £22
19 - The Beatles Authorised Biography 1968 signed by author Hunter Davies £46
20 - Imagine card signed by Yoko Ono with mailing envelope £46
29 - March 1970 NEMS Record catalogue signed by Joey Molland of Badfinger £15
30 - March 1960 NEMS Record catalogue signed by Allan Williams £25
31 - Sean Ono Lennon signature on black and white photograph of John Lennon £45
32 - George Martin signature on Chrysalis Records compliment slip £65
62 - Beatles photograph signed on the reverse by Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney £360
85 - Ringo Starr signature on black and white Beatles photo £130
109 - NEMS Letter Headed Notepaper dated 1st August 1962 enquiring about booking for The Beatles sign by Brian Epstein £2,300
110 - NEMS Letter Headed Notepaper dated January 1963 enquiring about booking Beatles £160
111 - NEMS Letter Headed Notepaper dated 9th February 1963 informing that The Beatles fee is £150, signed by Brian Epstein £1,850
115 - Original section of Cavern Club stage £2,600
150 - Hand made sign requesting “Paul on Sunday Sing For Rita Hot Lips A Taste of Honey” this was read out by Paul at The Cavern Club and is signed on the reverse by Paul McCarntey £1,350
155 - The Beatles Pop Prom programme, Royal Albert Hall 15th September 1963 £420
156 - The Beatles Pop Prom Royal Albert Hall ticket stub 15th September 1963 £160
199 - Help postcard signed of the reverse by Victor Spinetti and Leo McKern with an original Help paperback book £50
215 - John Lennon and George Harrison signatures, framed and mounted £1,100
216 - Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr signatures, framed and mounted £400
224 - Complete set of 1967 Beatles signatures obtained during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour £4,500
225 - Paul McCartney signed Beatles Monthly Magazine centre page. £260
226 - Postcard from Ringo and Barbara handwritten by Barbara to Ringo's parents. £180
229 - Please Please Me original UK red label issue, single signed by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr £2,900
232 - An original Quarry Bank High School For Boy, Calderstones, Liverpool May 1957 photograph featuring John Lennon £450
233 - The Casbah Coffee Club Membership card dated 19-11-61 to 19-11-62 £1,950
238 - Letter from the IFA requesting clearance for use of photographs. John Lennon has written reply on bottom of letter £1,350
239 - Original 7th August 1953 photograph of Paul McCartney at a children’s party in Childwall Liverpool £1,350
284 - Cynthia Lennon signed copy of A Twist Of Lennon paperback 1978 £60
291 - A Walrus Costume worn by Mark McGann from Lennon Musical Play 1981 £60
296 - 1958 Payment book for Epstein’s Ltd Walton Road Liverpool £30
306 - Klaus Voormann signed invitation to opening of exhibition at The Mathew Street Gallery 2000 £25
308 - John Lennon signed and inscribed card Love John Lennon and annotated with Lennon's caricature portraits of his and Yoko's smiling Faces £1,500
309 - The Beatles autographs in biro on reverse of paper envelope £1,700
316 - 1948/49 School photograph from St Silas School, Liverpool featuring Ringo Starr £450
318 - Original 1952 16th Allerton Group St Aiden Troop Boy Scouts photograph £400.

And a few other highlights from this year's auction (that didn't get a mention on this blog) include -
34 - One page handwritten letter by John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi dated 10th October 1966 £150
35 - One page handwritten letter by John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi dated 3rd May 1968 £140
118 - 8th September 1962 Heswall Jazz Club handbill and ticket for Gerry and the Pacemakers £70
119 - 1st September 1962 Heswall Jazz Club handbill and ticket for Billy J Kramer with the Coasters £100
180 - The Beatles Juke Box Jury Ticket Liverpool Empire 7th December 1963 £360

If you have items you would like us to consider placing in next year's auction, or you are just curious about the value of a Beatles item you have please take a look at our previous blog entry here.

Saturday 3 October 2009

Valuations and items for 2010.

Hopefully we will soon be able to publish a list with some of the prices from the 2009 auction. Please keep calling back to check, once all the paperwork is done we will be able to let you know what prices items went for.

In the meantime, we have started to consider items for the auction in 2010.

All our valuations are FREE.

There are various ways we can assess your items.
You can bring them into the shop for us to look at. It is best to call in advance to be certain someone will be available to look at your items. If you just call in on the off the chance then please try not to make it a Friday as the person you will need to see isn't usually available that day. The shop is open every day of the week however so there's plenty of other opportunities.
You can also email the shop sending as much detail about your items as possible, preferably with photographs. The same applies if you contact us via the post. Scans or good quality photocopies of the items are useful.

We will not assess any autographed items without seeing them, whether in person or via a good, clear photograph, scan or laser photocopy.

If contacting us via post please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for a reply.

All our contact details are available through the "Contact Us" link on the sidebar on the right hand side of this page.