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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Back in '64

1964 saw the world explode with Beatlemania and Beatle memorabilia. Some of that memorabilia is popular among fans and collectors.

Some of the items we regularly see are from the Washington Pottery range. Depending on what the item is and its condition the prices for these range between about £30-£60.

Bowl (note - this picture is in black and white)


Biscuit plate - note this originally came with a black cup not the cup shown above.

Candy Dishes

Other novelty items from this time include bubble baths, jigsaws, a Flip Your Wig board game, stockings and much more.

Here's a couple more examples.

Talc tin by Margo of Mayfair £120-£140 approx. (black and white photo)

Ladies compact £120-£125 approx.

If you have items you would like us to consider placing in next year's auction, or you are just curious about the value of a Beatles item you have please take a look at our previous blog entry here.