Wednesday 19 August 2020

Beatles Auction 2020 - Very Rare Abbey Road Photographic Prints

These amazing Abbey Road Prints are going into our auction later this month. 

Each one will be a separate lot. 

The fifth frame from the six Beatles images taken on the day was chosen as the album cover. 

Each comes with a copy of a letter explaining that the prints were originally given to the previous owner's mother who lived near the photographer, Iain McMillan. 

The Frame 1 print also comes with the original card packing which includes the photographer's signature and the date of the photoshoot. (The other frames come with a copy of this.) 

There are two copies of Frame 4 up for sale, one is uncropped and shows the negative identifier. 

All the prints are on Kodak paper and measure 11.5" square (the uncropped version of Frame 4 measures 12" square) 

The image on the Blue Dress print was used for the back cover of the album. 

These prints are highly sought after by collectors.  

Frame 1 (Estimate £3000-£4000)
Signed card (original is sold with Frame 1) 
Frame 2 (Estimate £3000-£4000)
Frame 3 (Estimate £3000-£4000)
Frame 4 (Estimate £3000-£4000)
Frame 4 (uncropped version) (Estimate £3000-£4000)
Frame 6 (Estimate £3000-£4000)
Blue Dress (Estimate £2500- £3000)

Please note the images have been watermarked for use on this blog, the actual prints do not feature this watermark. 

The auction is online only for 2020.
To bid you need to register at either of the sites hosting the auction.