Tuesday 11 August 2020

Beatles Auction 2020 - Floor Block From St Peter's Church Hall Woolton

This piece of wood formed part of the original floor of the Church Hall, built in the mid-nineteenth century.  In 2001, a fire in one of the side rooms in the hall resulted in the replacement of small areas of the original floor.  All the floor blocks which had suffered varying degrees of fire damage were saved, including this one which was taken from the side room.

The side room was used by the youth club, of which John was a member, and would also have been used by the Quarrymen, including Paul, during the youth club dances.  It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the current Rector of St Peter’s, the Revd Kip Crooks.

This particular floor block has been partially restored to its 1957 glory by Colin Hanton, drummer with the Quarrymen.  It has not been varnished or changed in any other way.

Estimate - £150-£200

(With thanks to Donna Jackson for the description)