Friday 13 May 2022

2022 Beatles Auction - Rare Selcol Toy Beatles Guitar on Card, New Sound Toy Guitar and Selcol Toy Guitar Box

This very rare small plastic guitar was made by Selcol in 1964. It is still in its original plastic, with backing card and plectrum!  It's quite rare to find the toy guitars with their original packaging. 
This item will be up for sale in our Annual Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction in August. The estimate for this lot will be £2000-£2500

There were various designs of toy guitars. Below is a more common but still collectable example - the New Sound Guitar.  It is also in the forthcoming auction. The estimate for that will be £80-£100.

As we said, packaging for the toy guitars can be rare, even more unusual is packing boxes for the items. If you haven't guessed we even have one of those going in the auction this year too! This one seems to have been used to supply a venue in Scotland with toy guitars. Sadly you don't get any stock in the box, but the estimate for this lot will be £100-£150