Tuesday 17 January 2012

McCartney Signatures

Autographs feature heavily in our auction each year. We’ve already taken some in for the 2012 event.

We have two Paul McCartney autographs from different eras of his career.

First of all here’s a signature from the 70s on the back of a Wings postcard. It was signed in Glasgow.


It has an estimate of £350-£450.

Next here’s one in a copy of Blackbird Singing, which was signed at WH Smiths in Liverpool. Fans waited out overnight in wintery conditions to meet Paul at this signing event.


It has an estimate of £450-£500

The value of autographs very much depends on what the signature is on. Books, records and on the front of photographs or postcards are the most desirable. With the exception of signatures in books, most of the time people are looking for something they can frame up with the minimum of fuss. The condition of the signed item also has an effect on the price.

We will never give a valuation on signed items without seeing them first.