Thursday 26 January 2012

It took me years to write….

There have been so many books written about the Beatles. Sadly very few have any monetary value.

Books from the time are popular with fans, but condition is everything with these items. Loose, damaged or missing pages, tears and creases and damaged spines all have a very big effect on the value of a book.

The edition of the book is also relevant. Many of the books have gone through numerous reprints over the years.  Mind you some books had numerous reprints in the same year that they were first issued. For example – John’s two books from the sixties In His Own Write and A Spaniard In The Works were reprinted several times due to high demand in the months after release.

Here’s a lot for our auction which consists of both of his sixties books. The In His Own Write dates from the year of release but is a second edition. The copy of A Spaniard In The Works is a first edition.


Together they have an estimate of £60-£70.


hunterdaviesBefore the release of the Beatles Anthology Book, the only fully authorised biography of the Beatles was the 1968 book The Beatles by Hunter Davies. The book as been revised and reprinted constantly since then.

This first edition hardcover with dust jacket is going up for sale in our auction for an estimated £25-£35.



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