Sunday 9 August 2009

With A Little Help From Their Friends

There are many people with close links to the Beatles, via family, marriage, friendship or other associations.

Here are just a few samples of items in the auction featuring signatures by various famous names associated closely with the band.

Lot 13 - Peter Blake signed exhibition leaflet – Peter Blake designed the world famous Sgt Pepper album cover. Estimate £15-£20
Lot 19 - The Beatles Authorised Biography 1968 signed by author Hunter Davies. Until the Beatles Anthology book was released this was the only fully authorised biography of the band. Estimate £60-£70
Lot 20 - Imagine card signed by Yoko Ono. Estimate £30-£40
Lot 29 - 1970 NEMS Record catalogue signed by Joey Molland of Badfinger. Badfinger famously recorded on Apple Records. Estimate £20-£30
Lot 30 - 1960 NEMS Record catalogue signed by Allan Williams – Beatles first manager. Estimate £20-£30
Lot 31 - Sean Ono Lennon signature on black and white photograph of John Lennon. John's youngest son signed on a photograph of his dad. Estimate £20-£30
Lot 32 - George Martin signature on Chrysalis Records compliment slip – George Martin produced the Beatles records. Estimate £50-£60
Lots 42, 43 and 255- Three photographs of Tony Sheridan, signed by Tony Sheridan and Astrid Kirchherr. - The Beatles backed Tony Sheridan in Hamburg and Astrid took some of the earliest photographs of the band during their time in Germany. Estimate £120-£150 each

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Lot 63 - Original 60s magazine signed on inside by Pete Best – the original Beatles drummer. Estimate £30-£40
Lot 199 - Help postcard signed of the reverse by Victor Spinetti and Leo McKern – bothh actors appeared in the 1965 movie with the Beatles. Estimate £30-£40
Lot 284 - Cynthia Lennon signed copy of A Twist Of Lennon paperback – John's first wife. Estimate £60-£70
Lot 306 - Klaus Voormann signed invitation to opening of exhibition at The Mathew Street Gallery 2000. Klaus designed the Revolver album cover and played bass with the Plastic Ono Band as well as on several solo recordings. Estimate £15-£20

The auction includes other signed items. A full list of items in the auction will be available to download soon, and printed catalogues will be available. Details coming shortly.

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