Wednesday 19 August 2009

Lots for LIPA.

The two lots below are being sold in the Liverpool Beatles Auction on behalf of Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

227 A pair of custom Shimano STX Bikes presented to Paul & Linda McCartney by Grundig in 1993. The Shimano STX series mountain bikes feature custom designs to reflect Paul & Linda’s personalities and interests and were decorated by Norbert Cames a highly respected airbrush artist. The individual artwork on each
bike was inspired by the couples shared love of the environment and music. Paul McCartney’s bike features guitar strings and dolphins, and Linda’s featuring keyboards and birds. Both bikes were ridden by Paul and Linda and while in a perfect working condition have been used. £5500-£6500

228 Limited edition lithograph of George Martin’s score for The Beatles song Yesterday printed complete with mistakes and tea stains. The lithograph was framed and mounted by Lord Lindley and is numbered and hand signed by Paul McCartney and George Martin £5500-£6500

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