Wednesday 15 July 2020

Beatles Auction 2020 - Two Rory Storm Concert Contracts

Rory Storm was one of the top live acts on the Liverpool scene. (Famously Ringo was a member of his backing band the Hurricanes until he joined the Beatles in 1962.)

The first contract was agreed on 30th May 1963 for a concert at the Royal Lido in Prestatyn on August 17th 1963. It is signed by a representative of the Carlton Brooke Agency in Liverpool and also by Joe Flannery. 

The second Rory Storm contract going into the auction was agreed on 13th June 1963 for a performance at the Blessed Sacrament Social Club in Preston on 11th August 1963. It is signed by a Mr W Clarkson Jnr and also by Joe Flannery. 

The contracts are currently estimated at £60-£80 each

The 2020 Beatles Auction is going to be a little bit different. The event will be taking place online. Full details of the auction site will be posted nearer the event.

If you have any items you would like to be considered for placement in the auction please email us at with the details and photographs.

Please note, the Beatles Shop is not currently open to the public so please do not contact us by telephone and do not send items to us on spec.