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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Beatles Auction 2020 - Original Mersey Beat Magazines

First published in 1961 the Mersey Beat newspaper came out every two weeks and covered the local music in Liverpool. 

A number of issues from 1963 are going into our auction this year and are listed below. 

Mersey Beat Vol 2 No 49 June 6th-13th 1963 with Freddie Starr and the Midnighters on front
Estimate £50 - £60

Mersey Beat Vol 2 No 50 June 20th-July4th 1963 with Mark Peters and the Silhouettes on front 
Estimate £50-£60

Mersey Beat Vol 2 No 54 August 15th-29th 1963 with The Beatles on front
Estimate £75-£100

Mersey Beat Vol 3 No 56 September 12th-26th 1963 with The Chants on front

Estimate £50-£60

Mersey Beat Vol 3 No 57 September 26th - October 10th 1963 with The Escorts on front
Estimate £50-£60

Mersey Beat Vol 3 No 58 October 10th - 24th 1963 with Faron's Flamingos on front
Estimate £50-£60

Mersey Beat Vol 3 No 60 November 7th -21st 1963 with Gerry and the Pacemakers on front
Estimate £50-£60

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