Frequently Asked Questions

Updated for 2018

For Sellers

How do I sell my item?
If you have something you would like to be considered for inclusion in the auction you need to contact The Beatles Shop. Follow the contact link on this site to get in touch. Not every item offered to us will be taken in for the sale.

Why won't you take my item? 
It may be that we have other similar items already in the sale, or that we don't think it will sell. If we have doubts about an item we won't accept it in the auction, or if you wish to place too high a reserve on an item we won't accept the item. The manager's decision is final.

How much do you charge to sell my item at auction? 
We charge 25% of the hammer price plus VAT. Please see Seller Notes for further details.

Can I place a reserve on my item? 
Yes, you can. We do not accept reserves under £50, and the auctioneer may use a 10% discretion. If you place too high a reserve on your item we may not take it into the sale. We will happily advise you on reserves. Also please read Sellers Notes for more information regarding reserves and what happens if your item does not sell.

Can I send my item to you? 
Yes, but you must arrange this with us in advance by phone, letter or email. Unsolicited items will simply be returned to sender. If you do send items to us they must be sent in a way that requires a signature upon arrival (eg registered) You are responsible for all postal costs, including any return postage, and for any insurance costs required in sending your item. We cannot be held responsible for items lost in transit. Please remember to include full details of your name, address and phone number with your item so we can contact you.

Can I attend the Auction? 
Of course you may attend. You will receive a catalogue before the event and this allows you entrance to the sale. However, you are not allowed to influence the price of your item buying bidding on it yourself knowing there is a reserve.

When will I receive the money for my item? 
We have to wait till all payments from buyers have cleared and everything before we can begin to issue cheques to the successful sellers. The process usually takes four to five weeks. Please make sure we have a current address for you or your cheque won't reach you.

For Buyers

How do I get into the auction? 
Entrance to the auction is by catalogue. This is your ticket in. Catalogues are free and can be picked up from The Beatles Shop once they are available. Also, there is usually someone in the Adephi Hotel foyer handing them out on the Friday before the sale and the Saturday morning before we begin. A downloadable version of the catalogue will also be available on this site.

How do I bid? 
If you are attending the auction and may be looking to bid on any item(s) you must register at the desk before the sale begins. You will need to provide us with contact details and we will give you a bidding paddle with a number on it. You need to be sure the auctioneer has written this number down if you are a successful bidder.

How do I make an absentee bid? 
You can use the bidding form on this site, but please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgement via email that we have received your bid. You can also fax your bid to us on 0113 2779750, or from the USA 0144113 2779750. Or you can email bids to (please put ABSENTEE BID in the subject line), again please get in touch if an emailed bid is not acknowledged.

Do you accept Overseas Bids? 
We certainly do. See above for the contact details for absentee bidders. All bids must be made in Pounds Sterling, not local currency. Overseas bidders will be asked for credit card details to secure their bids, however this does not have to be the method of payment if your bid is successful. Should you be the winning bidder you will be contacted so that payment can be arranged.

What methods of payment can I use?
We accept cash, credit card and personal cheques (drawn on a UK bank, with bankers guarantee cards within the limit.) Please see Buyers Notes for more details. Also please note that a buyer’s premium of 25% of the hammer price  plus VAT is payable by the buyer’s of all lots.

See also Buyer Notes and Seller Notes