We will bring you the details of the 2021 Auction as soon as we know them.

In the meantime, stay safe everybody and we hope to see you soon.

Seller Notes

Important Notice for Sellers

Accepting Items

We reserve the right to refuse any item offered to us for sale in the auction without explanation.
At the time of entry into the auction the seller, will provide us with all relevant information concerning the provenance of any item and any rights of ownership
The auctioneer may withdraw items at anytime prior to the auction, should we have any concerns over the provenance or ownership of item, without prior notice to the seller.
The seller may be asked to provide proof of ID and should provide full address and other relevant contact information.

Commissions & Fees

All lots offered for sale in the auction will be liable for commission of 20% of the hammer price (this includes VAT). Payable by the seller.
All commissions or fees are payable by the seller and will be deducted by the auctioneer prior to any payment to the seller.
The auctioneer has the right to charge the seller a fee of 10% on the middle estimate should the seller withdraw any lot at anytime within 2 months of the date of the auction.

Estimates and Reserves

The auctioneer is responsible for all estimates and descriptions in the catalogue
The auctioneer will accept reserves on items with a value in the auctioneer’s opinion of more than £50. All items below this value will be sold without reserve.
All reserve prices must be agreed with the auctioneer prior to entry into the auction
All reserve prices will be treated with a 10% auctioneer’s discretion unless items have been entered with a fixed reserve.
Items entered with a fixed reserve a fee will be charged by the Auctioneer on these items should they fail to reach the fixed reserve price in the auction room. The fee of 10% will be charged on this reserve price. This will be payable by the seller before the return of any lots and maybe deducted by the auctioneer from any payments due to the seller.
Please note the auctioneer reserves the right to alter estimates on items at any time prior to the auction.

Payment and Unsold Lots

No Payments will be made by the auctioneer until all fees and commissions are paid by the seller
Payments will be made to persons named at the time of entry of the item/s
No third party payments will be made
Payments to the seller will be made after a period of at least 35 working days (Monday to Friday) not including bank Holidays.
Unsold lots will be available for collection from the auctioneer by the seller two days after auction close. Please bring original receipt and proof of ID.
Items to be returned by Post to seller, the seller will pay any postal charges or insurance prior to the return of these items. Please note the auctioneer will note be responsible for the loss of any items returned by any postal service.
Please note we will be unable to provide information on the sale price of any item/s sold in the auction until 4 working days after the auction close. Information on items sold in the auction will be provided to sellers only

If you change your address or your name between leaving your items with us and the sale it is very important that you inform us as soon as possible, otherwise the payment for your item will be sent to the address/name first left with us.