Tuesday 6 August 2013


Due to us getting a few enquiries about placing items into the auction we would like to remind people that the auction is full. We have limited space each year, and usually stop taking items in June at the latest. (This year it was earlier due to the high volume of items we'd already received)  This is to give us time to lot up the items and to produce the auction catalogue. You can not turn up with items on the day of the auction and expect them to be entered into the auction.

However, if you have something you would like to enter into next year's auction or simply would like valued then please contact us for valuations and advice. We need a little breather after the auction and Beatles Week to catch up with ourselves and get all the paperwork involved with the sales sorted out, but we start to take items from around October/November. See the FAQ page for any questions you may have about selling your items with us.

Other reminders -
-List of all items covered in this blog and their lot numbers in this year's catalogue
-Photos of a few of the autographed items in the auction not covered by this blog
-Telephone bidding
-How to get a catalogue
-Buyers Notes
-Our contact details