Wednesday 7 September 2011

Auction Prices Highlights

For various reasons we do not issue a complete list of prices from the auction.

However I can bring you some selected highlights from this year's event.

Anthology Book signed by Neil Aspinall - £122
Beatles Brooch - £30
Scrapbook of the Blackbird Singing signing event signed by Paul McCartney and sold for a local charity - £450
Star shaped tambourine signed by Ringo Starr and sold for a charity - £390
Toy Beatles Harmonica - £120
Fan Club Juke Box Jury programme - £250
A John Lennon figure radio from 1980 - £65
A photo of the Beatles outside Forthlin Road signed by John, George and Paul - £1700
Cavern Handbill from 1959 featuring Rory Storm and The Hurricanes - £200
Life sized poster of Paul McCartney from 1964 £110
A Desk from the Liverpool Institute for Boys - £290
A cap that used to belong to John Lennon - £3900
The original front door from the Phillips Recording Studios at 38 Kensington, Liverpool - £2200
(I'm very happy to report that the door is staying in Liverpool and will be on display in the Liverpool Museum at some point in the future)
1961 Cavern Club Card - £650
1962 Cavern Club Card - £200
Washington Pottery original cup and saucer set from 1964 - £75
A handbag that was taken by its previous owner to the original Cavern regularly - £110 (and the new owner has already taken it down to the current club!)
Complete ticket for the Northern premiere of the Hard Day's Night film in Liverpool - £600
Love Me Do and Please Please Me singles, fully signed by the Beatles - £7000 each.
A section of Paul McCartney's shirt from the 1960s - £220
Typed and signed letter from Maureen Starkey - £320
Cavern Club Brick - £380
Love Me Do Demo record with A label - £2100
Press pack for the re-opening of The Cavern Club in 1966 - £240
Love Me Do single signed by John, Paul and George on both the A side and the B side - £3600
Please Please Me single signed by all four Beatles on both the A side and the B side - £8000
Contracts for Rufus Thomas and Solomon Burke to play the Cavern Club in 1966 - £190 and £170 respectively
Unused Cavern window Sticker - £70
Unused Cavern Autograph book - £190
Unused Cavern Address book - £170
Two 1967 Cavern tickets including one for Status Quo - £110
Letter from the Cavern to the Gas Board regarding the imminent demolition of the club in 1973 - £90

We've already had calls from people with some nice items to go into next auction. We will start taking in items from about November so bookmark this blog, or subscribe via google or your RSS reader of choice for details of items as we get them in.

The auction takes place on August 27th 2011 at The Paul McCartney Auditorium at LIPA. It is organised by The Beatles Shop on Mathew Street, where lots are still being taken in up until June. Contact details are listed on the right of this page, and potential vendors and buyers should read the FAQs and the relevant buyers/sellers notes.

If you have any items of interest for the auction please contact us. Click the link on the right for details of how to get in touch.

Press enquiries should be made through the same contact link. Better images of items can be made available to the press upon request.