Friday 25 February 2022

2022 Beatles Auction - Promotional Poster For The Love Letters To The Beatles Book

 A lot of the time we don't think twice about promotional material, it goes up in shop windows while a product is new and is more often than not discarded when the next big new product comes along. 

This promotional shop poster was for the book Love Letters To The Beatles which was a compilation of fan letters sent to the band. (It's a fascinating and amusing read if you ever come across a copy by the way.)  It's bold colouring would make it very eyecatching in a frame and on a collector's wall. 

The throwaway nature of promotional material can make some pieces quite rare. 

Love Letters To The Beatles promotional poster.

This poster will be going under the hammer at our Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction this August and is expected to fetch between £350-£400.