Tuesday 8 August 2017

UPDATED: How To Get A Catalogue for the 2017 Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction

The auction catalogue is now available to download. Click here for details. 

Catalogues are also available in The Beatles Shop.

If you would like one sending to you please send a Stamped (a large letter stamp will cover the postage) self-addressed envelope big enough to hold an A5 booklet to us at
The Beatles Shop, 31 Mathew Street, Liverpool. L2 6RE.  (If you are outside the UK please email us for further details)

If you would like a pdf file of the catalogue sending to you please email us at stephen@thebeatleshop.co.uk with CATALOGUE REQUEST in the subject line.  The file may be large due to the illustrations.


For contact details regarding valuations and questions about the auction click here.

To read our Frequently Asked Questions page click here.

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