Monday 5 March 2012

Mersey Beat Newspapers

Mersey Beat newspapers are highly collectible among aficionados of the Liverpool music scene.

There are a number of issues dating from 1965 going into out 2012 auction. Most of these will be sold in lots of three issues, however the ones pictured below will be sold individually with estimates of £40-£50 each.

The auction takes place on August 25th 2012 at The Paul McCartney Auditorium at LIPA. It is organised by The Beatles Shop on Mathew Street, where lots are still being taken in up until the beginning of June. Contact details are listed on the right of this page, and potential vendors and buyers should read the FAQs and the relevant buyers/sellers notes.

If you have any items of interest for the auction please contact us. Click the link on the right for details of how to get in touch.

Press enquiries should be made through the same contact link. Better images of items can be made available to the press upon request.