Thursday 13 January 2011

Raise a glass or two!

Items are already starting to come in for the 2011 auction in August. The sooner you get items to us the more likely they are to get into the sale as there are limited places, and we try not to have many replicated lots.

Here's some of the first few items we've taken so far.

Look carefully at these gold rimmed drinking glasses, have you spotted it? Yes, the names don't match the pictures! This is the case with all the original versions of these glasses, so if you have a set with the names matching the pictures, sadly they are probably later replica versions.

Estimated value - £40-£50 each.

If you have any items of interest for the auction please contact us. Click the link on the right for details of how to get in touch.

Press enquiries should be made through the same contact link. Better images of items can be made available to the press upon request.