Sunday 17 January 2010

Casbah Club Card and Juke Box Jury Ticket

Here are two recent entries for the 2010 Auction.

First of all a rare ticket for the Beatles recording Juke Box Jury

The show was on 7th December 1963 and sadly no longer exists in it's entirety in the BBC archives, though audio versions have turned up. The estimate on this ticket is £150-£175

Last year in the auction a very rare Casbah Club Membership was sold for an amazing £1950. As often happens this caused people to check their attics to see if they still had theirs. Consequently another fine example of a card from the club has surfaced.

The Beatles played the club 18 times during the dates covered by the card including their last ever show at this venue on 24th June 1962. It is estimated at £1200 - £1500.


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