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Conditions of Sale


1 The highest bidder shall be the purchaser and if any dispute arises during the sale the auctioneer may, at his discretion, put the lot up again. The auctioneer's decision is final.
2 The auctioneer has the right to refuse any bid and to advance the bid at his absolute sole discretion.
3 The seller shall be entitled to place to the auction a reserve on any lots and Fresh Faces Ltd will treat them with a 10% discretion. A reserve once placed by the seller shall not be changed without the consent of Fresh Faces Ltd. Where a reserve has been placed only the auctioneer may bid on behalf of the seller.
4 Fresh Faces Ltd have the right to withdraw or divide any lot or to combine any two or more lots at their sole discretion.
5 Immediately the lot is sold the buyer shall forthwith give their name and permanent address and if required pay down the whole or part of the purchase money. If they fail to do so the lot or lots may, at the auctioneer's absolute discretion, be put up again and resold.
6 Each and every lot is sold by the vendor with all faults and defects and errors of description and is to be taken and paid for whether genuine or not and no compensation shall be paid for the same.
7 Notwithstanding the previous conditions of sale, if within 7 days after the sale of the lot the purchaser gives notice in writing to Fresh Faces Ltd that the lot is a deliberate forgery and within 7 days after such notification the buy returns the same to Fresh Faces Ltd that considered in the light of entry in the catalogue is a deliberate forgery then the sale of the lot will be rescinded and the purchase price of the same will be be refunded.
8 All the lots are to be paid for and taken at the purchaser's expense on the day of the sale. All lots not collected will be subject to a storage charge. Cheques presented in payment for lots must be cleared prior to any lots being removed.
9 On failure of the buyer to take away and pay for any lot in accordance with condition 8, Fresh Faces Ltd as agents for the sellers shall be entitled at their absolute discretion to resell the lot in question without notice to the buyers. The expenses in connection with the same being the responsibility of the original buyer. Notwithstanding the above condition of sale at the fall of the hammer the purchaser will be responsible for the lot and the auctioneer will not accept any responsibility for any item with is lost of stolen.
10 The auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any bid or withdraw any lots from sale without previous notice.
11 The auctioneers are not held responsible in matters connected with the commissioning of their staff to buy or bid for any lots in the sale. Reserves and commissions sent by telephone are accepted only at the senders risk and must be confirmed by letter or fax.
12 In the event of any failure of the buyer to comply with any of the above conditions the damages recovered for the default shall include any cost arising from the resale of the lot together with the charge and expenses in respect of both sales.
13 In the event of any reserve price not being reached at auction, Fresh Faces Ltd are empowered to sell after the auction by private treaty at not less than the reserve price as long as the goods remain on Fresh Faces premises.
14 Where the seller cancels instructions for sale Fresh Faces Ltd reserves the right to charge a fee of Fresh Faces Ltd's then latest estimate or middle estimate of the auction price of the property withdrawn, together with value added tax thereon and expenses incurred in relationship to the property.

Any person on the auctioneer's premises before, during and after the sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and shall not claim against the auctioneers in respect of any injury they may sustain or any accidents which may occur.